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Change happens when

you have clarity not goals

You can only attract to you what you're able to give to yourself. If you want a life filled with people who appreciate. honour and respect you, it has to begin with you giving those things to yourself.  This doesn't mean if there is someone in your life that's unkind, that you are unkind, but it could be that you have poor boundaries through lack of self-love and your Soul is drawing into your world people who will consistently test those boundaries by treating you disrespectfully. This is your Soul's urgings for you to heal any wounds that were created in your past which caused you to believe you are not loveable. 


I know for most of my life this was something I had to work through as I chose to be born into a family that can't show their love because as children their parents were unable to show it to them. I also know how freeing it is to finally realise that their story doesn't have to be my story, and I can create for myself a life where joy and happiness are my new best friends. 

You have many kinds of relationships in your life, siblings that irritate the shitzer out of you, parents that no matter what you do it never feels good enough or you never feel you can match up to their expectations of you, friends that only get in touch when there's something you have that they need, to colleagues that can be downright vindictive or oppressive, flexing their ego's all over the place. 

Your relationships are the greatest tool you have to show you where you are on your healing journey, they shine a spotlight on the parts of your psyche that feels less than or disempowered in some way, which gives you an amazing opportunity to heal and let these emotions go freeing up your energy for more heartfelt connections. You can find that the relationships that were so challenging for you suddenly start to heal and what once was a troublesome relationship becomes balanced and harmonious because as you heal and change the people around you begin to see you in a different light and their attitude towards you will either match your new vibration or they will leave you alone as the things that emotionally or mentally triggered you before doesn't any longer. 


Hello,  I feel so much better and have done since Friday! Thanks for the healing as I think it’s been amazing! Ive been offered a room in a salon from September should I want it. I’ve had a meeting today and secured a £150 clean, and I’ve got another meeting Monday for another new client Jessica x 


Welcome to Healing Inspirations

Healing Inspirations is an online portal to help you rediscover your happy place and heal your emotional challenges and relationships through energy clearings, guided meditation and intuitive readings

Whether you're searching for ways to heal emotional distress, understand how your intuition and healing energy can create balance in your world or receive guidance to heal unhealthy belief patterns and cycles in your life and relationships 

I'm here to help you along your journey 

My experience in mentoring, coaching and healing spans more than 25 years and my spirituality has supported my personal development and navigating an array of personal challenges.


I have helped people from all walks of life and backgrounds. I believe that looking at things from a spiritual perspective holds the key to almost all of life’s questions and difficulties including relationships, career, well-being, family, finances, loss, bereavement and personal development to name but a few.


It is often a combination of a number of these, and each can have a knock-on effect on the other. Certain medications and ‘feel good’ moments can provide temporary relief and support in the short term, but looking at situations from a spiritual, energetic and soul perspective can ultimately provide a positive, authentic change in the longer term.


I have seen this shift help people with their ailments and it brings benefits physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in helping build a more fulfilling and positive future. Investing in yourself and giving yourself ‘time out’ to explore issues, your well-being and understanding the importance of the care of your soul is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your happiness. 

I'm here to help you gain clarity and direction in your life and relationships, awaken you to your spirit, balance your emotional energy and heal your life.

My gift is to be able to get to the core of emotional, energetic and spiritual issues that hold you back from being your true empowered and authentic self. For several decades I've used my abilities and experience to guide and support women on their soul journey to embrace who they truly are by releasing the past and aligning with their higher power and intuition.

You are not here to live your life through your past pain, childhood programming and limiting beliefs, but to embrace your inner happiness and shine your light in your life and the lives of others. 

Together, we connect with the inner wisdom and healing energies to illuminate, heal and grow at a pace that feels right for you

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What people say

"I wouldn't have made it through the last six years without Jules, I came to her with CFS and was barely able to function. Through Energy Healing, Coaching and Inner Child Work it was healed. She has been my light in the dark and my voice of reason. I can't thank her enough"
Mary, UK
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