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If you lead a full life, you will be faced with choices.


If you lead a full life you will be faced with problems.


The question is, how do you cope with these choices and problems?




You may consult with friends, family and work colleagues but is it their job to advise you and how do you know that you’re getting the best advice? Perhaps you may want to keep your dreams and challenges separate from your circle of friends and work colleagues?



Enter the Life Mentor. Someone with direct experience of the specific situation that now faces you. Someone who is prepared to listen to your story, help you gain clarity and offer advice based on their first-hand knowledge of a similar set of circumstances.


Many of us struggle with vulnerability. Feeling vulnerable is certainly uncomfortable. We often find that we feel this way when we are faced with choices, both good and bad. We may be thinking of changing jobs, going into business, getting married or even having a baby. So, where do we go for objective, well informed and appropriate advice at times like these?


Enter the Life Mentor.


A Life Mentor has walked the path before, she is prepared to listen to your story and offer guidance based on their first-hand experience. Their job is not to make decisions for you but rather to shed light on your journey from a perspective that is difficult for your friends, family and colleagues to provide. They have climbed a mountain similar to yours, they have unique insights to help you on your journey.

Is Life Mentoring for everyone? Probably not. Some will prefer to “plough their own furrow” and good luck to them. For me, it’s better to understand someone else’s scars than to acquire your own along the way!

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You may be wondering what's the difference 

between a coach and a mentor?


A coach has some great questions for your answers,

whereas a mentor has some great answers for your questions

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Within all my sessions my aim is to help move the energies that are stuck, so they move freely.  Blocked or stuck energies cause distress within the energy systems whether mental, emotional or physical which in time can lead to disease.  Which is another word for feeling at dis-ease. 

Whether it's a hands-on approach like reiki or intuitively talking like counselling, mentoring or coaching.  The objective is to move unbalanced energy so it is free flowing bringing vitality and health on every level. All forms of healing have the same goal they are just being approached from different angles. 

I have been helping people heal for over 25 years through the many healing modalities I have experienced and trained in.  All our sessions are customised to where you are emotionally in the moment and I use an array of healing and mentoring methods as each session needs.

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I will focus on your chakras and energy imbalance, to begin with, but with western medicine which seeks to address the symptom, in our sessions we will dive deeper into what is causing the symptom and work to heal that through energy work, guidance, journaling and guided imagery.  There will be aspects of your healing journey where you will need to be more interactive.

It isn't a case of one session and you're good to go, although that can happen, rather healing is more about peeling back the layers over time so you don't get too overwhelmed as you release and let go of what is causing the problem.

You may also find that as we work energetically other areas become known for healing and clearing as energy will flow to where the greatest imbalance is first.


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This all depends on what you are booking the sessions for.  Some come for emotional reasons that may take a number of sessions to clear the misaligned energy and patterns, while others may want to book a session for some rest and relaxation, in which case one session would be perfect. 

For those wanting to heal deeper issues such as physical pains or emotional stress and anxiety then starting off with 3 sessions will help dislodge the blocked energies and allow for improvements to become long-lasting.

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